Dr. Jovan Alavanja

In 2017, Dr. Jovan Alavanja used the Vision Source Next program to help open his own privative practice.

Jovan Alavanja, OD, decided he would tackle the learning curve by spending time in different practices and different modes of practice. His timeline was to open his own private practice five years after his graduation from Indiana University School of Optometry.

He followed his plan, working part-time in a private office and the moving into a corporate-affiliated practice. In 2016, he reconnected with a colleague, Julie Grove, OD, and the two opened Crown Point Eye Care in August of 2017.

Despite his confidence in clinical care and patient management, there were still gaps in his experience. Understanding the insurance process as well as managing staff have been the two areas where Dr. Alavanja had to catch up. In his previous role, he hadn’t worried about insurance issues as the optical store staff managed that function.  “As a contracted OD, I went to work and saw patients,” he says. Having a practice partner and the support of the Vision Source network right from the start were “the two best professional decisions I made,” says Dr. Alavanja.

“Vision Source helped facilitate many aspects of the transition” to private practice ownership, where he can influence the direction of the practice and patient management to a much larger degree.”

-          Dr. Jovan Alavanja

Vision Source Next offers an eight-step plan that will help doctors attain financing, assist with site selection, guide business plan development and help put the plans into action. This program will help doctors find the most efficient way to get their practice open for business, keep them from making costly mistakes along the way and help them profit from their investment much sooner.

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