About Us
Discover how Vision Source was founded, and how it become one of the most extensive network of independent optometrists in North America.
About Us
in 1991
Vision Source is North America’s most extensive network of independent optometrists consisting of over 3,100 locally owned optometric practice locations with 4,500 doctors. Vision Source is dedicated to preserving the elite business of independent eye care and providing highly personalized services delivered through a unique heritage of shared expertise.

Vision Source is here for you every step of the way no matter where you are in the Optometrist Lifecycle. NEXT provides resources to students and members who are looking to start, acquire, sell, or work in private practice with exclusive guidance and programs to support your success.

Vision Source has been named the top Optical Retailer of the Year for the 6th consecutive year. This is due to the dedication and strength all Vision Source members across the country put towards a well rounded practice providing great diagnostic and preventive care, but also showcasing and educating patients on the quality and wide array of eyewear solutions available.
The Vision Source NEXT Program Has Several Functions And Goals
  • Engage the next generation of optometrists while they are still in school to share the vision, benefits, and opportunities in private practice optometry
  • Connect the next generation of ODs to current Vision Source members who are looking for the best and brightest to join their practices as Associates or Interns/Externs
  • Assist OD’s who are looking to start their first practice as a 'cold start' where NEXT resources can make it more of a 'warm start'
  • Provide assistance to OD’s who are looking to acquire a Vision Source practice and continue as a Vision Source member
  • Assist Vision Source members who are looking to grow them through acquisitions or warm starting
  • Assist Vision Source members with exiting through practice transition support
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