Who We Are

Vision Source is a network of more than 3,000 US optometric practices privately owned by local optometrists serving their communities. Our purpose is to ensure private practice optometry wins by delivering the best resources that enable our members' practice success.

Vision Source NEXT is here to help you plan your next move by providing resources and assistance for you at every stage of your private practice career or practice ownership journey. NEXT provides resources to students and members who are looking to start, acquire, sell, or work in private practice with exclusive guidance and programs to support your success.

Vision Source has been named the top Optical Retailer of the Year for the 6th consecutive year. All Vision Source members are dedicated to building a well-rounded practice, providing great diagnostic and preventive care, and educating patients on the quality and wide array of eyewear solutions available.

The Vision Source NEXT Program Has Several Functions And Goals
  • Engage the next generation of optometrists while they are still in school by sharing our vision, benefits, and opportunities in private practice optometry.
  • Connect the next generation of ODs to current Vision Source members who are looking for the best and brightest to join their practices as Associates or Interns/Externs.
  • Assist OD’s looking to start their first practice as a ‘cold start,’ utilizing NEXT resources to make it more of a ‘warm start’.
  • Assist OD’s looking to acquire a Vision Source practice and continue as a Vision Source member.
  • Assist Vision Source members looking to grow through acquisitions or warm starting.
  • Assist Vision Source members with exiting through practice transition support.
The NEXT Fund

The Vision Source NEXT Fund supports practice owners with supplemental funding to enable more private practice start-ups, expansions, and transitions.

The NEXT Fund provides independent practice owners with financial and educational resources to assist with practice sales, acquisitions, and expansion.

Vision Source Members Are NEVER Alone

All Vision Source members have a dedicated member support manager within Vision Source to help answer questions and support them as needed.

All Vision Source members also have access to a network of administrators who are there to provide support to their practices and teach them how to best utilize the many resources available to them.

Harvey Hanlen, OD

Sold Practice using Vision Source NEXT Program

“Through Vision Source NEXT we were able to have a free consultation from our own OD consultant, Mick Kling, and the leadership team, who made the process seamless from financial negotiations, to helping with the practice transfer process and even intermediating on our behalf.”
John Manard, OD

Purchased Practice using Vision Source NEXT Program

“If you are considering purchasing or selling a practice, we highly recommend that you reach out to Vision Source NEXT. They helped us buy our dream practice and preserve the legacy of a great Vision Source practice and they can help you too.”
Derrick Hennig, OD

Partner at Lifetime Eyecare in Charleston Illinois

“The ability to participate in Vision Source programs, gain access to new technology as well as getting tremendous cost of goods savings, our Vision Source membership allows us to offer more to our patients, and that in turn elevates the patient’s experience.”
Vision Source Programs
Vision Source provides programs to help you increase your revenue.
Optical Dream
The Optical Dream is an exclusive program focused on improving the optical care rendered in Vision Source practices and increasing the sales of eyewear products. It combines multimedia online learning for both doctors and staff, including role play, group discussion, and an incentive rewards program designed to encourage full practice involvement.
Frame Dream
A partnership between ECPs, Vision Source®, Frame Vendors, and Essilor that combines innovative board management with an integrated supply chain.
Business of Optometry
The Business of Optometry provides the training to effectively manage your finances, team, and revenue steam.
Practice Protocols
Help you become a leader in the field including Age-related Macular Degeneration, Myopia Management, Dry Eye, Diabetes, and more.
The Vision Source tool that helps opticians select quality eyewear solutions that meet the doctor's recommendations for the best visual solution for your patients.
Focus On CL
An exclusive Vision Source program designed to increase annual supplies of contact lens sales through post exam re-orders. Powered by CLX technology, FoCL enables members to earn additional rebates through our Elite Contact Lens Vendors and distributors while optimizing practice efficiency and increasing profitability.