Jul 11, 2023
Introducing the Vision Source NEXT Newsletter



We are happy to bring to you the inaugural issue of the NEXT Newsletter, designed to keep Vision Source connected to students, recent graduates and other doctors who are interested in learning more about the benefits of Vision Source.

Our mission is to tell the story of Vision Source from some of the people that have been impacted by this amazing organization. For over 30 years, Vision Source has been at the forefront of our profession, leading the way for the benefit of us all.

Our hope is that this message helps you explore the next steps in the development of your career, no matter what stage you are in. 

Our goal is to bring insights from three distinct groups:

1) Students and recent graduates - Optometric education continues to expand and offers more challenges and opportunities. Insights from student leaders on making the most of your education efforts will give a fresh perspective.

2) New Vision Source doctors who have a fresh perspective on the profession and understand the technological advances and modern social interactions that drive our practices. Whether they started a new practice, recently bought into a practice or are working as an associate, these members will offer cutting edge perspectives.

3) Wisdom from long time Vision Source doctors - Leadership has always been a core component of our prestigious organization. Leaders of our national and state associations, educators in our schools, and many prominent lecturers are well represented by those in our membership. Recognition of where we have come from will help us continue to grow and thrive.

These articles and video messages are from real people, not A.I. generated, fluff messages. We commit to you that this content is all real, meaningful and tells the true story of Vision Source. Please give us your feedback and let us know what type of information you would like
to receive from Vision Source.