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Development Resources
Developing Doctor Leaders
Through NEXT, Vision Source offers a 12-part real-world experience learning, financial and basic retail acumen education received in optometry school.

Members are provided exclusice access to some of Vision Source’s best and brightest OD leaders’ insights and expericnces in key practice management area. Learn how to build a successful practice by taking our online courses on leadership and culture, business finance, and retail management.
Vision Source Mentor OD was created to help members shape the future of independent optometry by providing collegial mentoring to students and new graduates as they transition to practice. Mentor OD is a network of collegues who are sharing the value of experience.
Vision Source Next Student Resources
Find resources on independent optometry
Developing Doctor Leaders
A thirteen part series from Vision Source member ODs covering many of the areas it takes to get started as a successful practice leader.
Real World Experienced Instruction
Vision Source members have stepped up to fill some of the gaps between what is learned in the classroom and what thousands of private practice ODs have learned on the job. These videos are led by some of the industry’s best private practice ODs who want to give back to the NEXT generation.
Build Practice Knowledge
This program is designed to equip ODs and 3rd/4th year students by expanding on leadership, finances, basic retail management, and managed vision care education offered in optometry school.
Find Your Mentor
It’s good to have mentors in various aspects of your life.
A common theme among the most successful people in the world is having mentors in their lives. Many Vision Source member ODs have committed to be a Mentor. Here is your opportunity to find a mentor OD owner offering to help; you just need to reach out to them.

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Member Support
Member Support
All Vision Source members have a dedicated member support manager within Vision Source to help answer questions and support them as needed.
Administration Support
All Vision Source members have access to a network of administrators who are there to provide support to their practices and teach them how to best utilize the many resources available to them.
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